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    cultural competence essay

    This is because health services are delivered to an individual, and group characteristics may not be a reflection of a person’s attitudes and life experiences (Lundy & Janes, 2003). To be both multicultural and ethical is increasingly challenging.Adapting to different cultural beliefs and practices requires flexibility and respect for others view points.Being culturally competent includes understanding the unique needs of your client and asking how those needs can be fulfilled.Both cultural and spiritual differences in people are potential causes for misunderstanding, confusion, and conflict arising from intolerance and ignorance of these differences.The Hispanic population, which represented only 9% of the population in 1990, is projected to increase to about 25% of the population by 2050.For instance, before my grandmother had passed, my family wanted to do a traditional prayer ceremony for her in the hospital.Cultural Competency Practiced for over 2,500 years in China, where it originated, acupuncture is an important part of the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine. "Cultural competency: What it is and why it matters." California Tomorrow, Lucille Packard foundation for children's health. Also, articles from scholarly journals are explored for the analysis. Thus, Andrews and Boyle quote "Over the years, we have explored ways to creatively and effectively teach our students how to apply transcultural concepts to practice with the goal of developing their knowledge and skill in providing culturally competent and culturally congruent…… When these issues aren't focused on, it can result in the…… The cognitive component can be regarded as the "head" of cultural competence. The model will be modified by identifying weak points in the efforts to inform the public. "Cross-cultural issues in counseling skillstraining: lessons from Lesotho." Journal of Social Development in Africa. Cultural Analysis Activity 1 - Discuss the two societal cultures that you will use to develop your GLOBE Paper. I will discuss the Germanic and Latin European Cultures. [Read More] Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence EMERGING STANDARDS OF CARE/MENTAL HEALTH/CULTURAL Sometime in 1999, the Surgeon General released Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General. Textual analysis shows that Latin business culture focuses on the broad aspects of the organizational relationship, social approaches, and broad circumstances influencing the business (Moran, 2011, p. However, the culture of other states such as the U. places a strong emphasis on the communication content. [Read More] Competencies Critically analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems. Professional ethics: beyond the clinical competency. Journal of Professional Nursing, 25 (5), 285 -- 291 Culural Competence | Cultural Competence in the Criminal Justice System Culture determines people's experiences of their world. She believes one ought to lead a life of a good and virtuous individual, and support one's family, particularly in times of need. MSN Essential IV is "translating and integrating scholarship into practice," which is a core component of professional nursing. The subject of alternative therapies illustrates the way that the role of nursing is changing. How did Starbucks grow to be so successful and synonymous with quality? As the "world becomes reduced" and societies and individuals become more mobile, we are progressively able to network with people that are from other cultures. The first people leaders influence are represented by…… Abstract Cultural diversity is a sensitive topic worldwide; therefore, cultural competence is inevitable in all economic sectors.Appropriate care planning and interventions will be more effective if the patient’s cultural, values and beliefs are understood and considered.This essay discusses how this awareness relates to the concept of cultural competency and the implications it has on the professional and healthcare industry. To be culturally competent the healthcare provider needs to understand his/her own worldviews and those of the patient, while avoiding stereotyping and misapplication of scientific knowledge.
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    cultural competence essay

    I have learned about some of these differences in a few of the nursing classes this past year and a half.These differences can serve as an immense resource for those who want to learn or explore how cultural differences can help to influence healthcare outcome.Cultural competence is obtaining cultural information and then applying that knowledge.In order for nurses to be competent, education and training needs to involve the following: Ethnicity, language, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic class.Name: Professor: Course/Subject: Date: United Student World Assembly (USWA) I.Quite simply, health care services that are respectful of and responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients can help bring about positive health outcomes.It is a concept that requires self-awareness, awareness and understanding of cultural differences, and the ability to adapt to clinical skills and practices as needed.It is where we have a monk in the same room, doing the a Buddhist Prayer for peace.Two recent events have made the need for “cultural competence”— understanding the specific cultural, language, social and economic nuances of particular people and families—more important than ever.With this focus on cultural competency in nursing and the significance surrounding the concept, it is important to understand its meaning and implication on our continuously evolving and diversifying healthcare system.

    cultural competence essay

    The number of African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and American Indians/Eskimos/Aleuts will continue to increase as well (Aponte & Wohl, 2000).Several researches reveal different factors in the healthcare sector that pose barriers for health providers.This paper will also identify the vulnerable populations that are served and the issues the population faces in the health care system.Whay's the reason for developing cultural competence?It has been reported by Gasconne (2009) that in most working places employees differ in cultures and values; for example in a company where Arabs and Chinese men work there is bound to be a problem if the company has not yet dealt with how to get employees focus on the main goal in the company.It is the diagnostic and intervention development benefits that make the approach most appealing.At first, acupuncture caused quite a stir among culturally-biased skeptics in the Western medical community, but over time it has come to be recognized as a legitimate medical technique that should be integrated into standard medical practice for a number of conditions. Exploring the intersection between cultural competency and managed behavioral health care policy: Implications for state and county mental health agencies. In her original nation of Morocco, this woman long faced government, social, and family-sponsored discrimination that rendered women unequal before the law and forbade such a close physical relationship between a man and a woman. This in essence led to blaming the victims of cultural incompetence -- or at least cultural blindness -- for problems that were largely inherent to the system and beyond the students' grasp to even perceive, let alone understand and articulate to authority figures. "Enhancing cultural competence in out-of-school time programs." Child trends: Research to results. [Read More] References: Barlow, K., Loppie, C., Jackson, R., Akan, M., Mc Lean, L., & Reimer, G. Culturally Competent Service Provision Issues Experienced By Aboriginal People Living With HIV / AIDS. Being aware of these on a cognitive level can greatly enhance a person's ability to understand and interact with foreign cultures. Evaluation will be conducted by distributing surveys/questionnaires about access to cancer screenings in the previous 12 months. Counseling can only be effective and beneficial when the counselor places himself or herself in the shoes of his or her client. My husband is in the Army and we now live in Europe, I need to make myself aware of these cultural attributes so that I can be aware of the leadership styles and cultures. Cultural competency is considered to be one the vital ingredients in closing the differences hole in health care. ETHNIC DIFFERENCES IN ADOLESCENTS' MENTAL DISTRESS, SOCIAL STRESS, AND RESOURCES. Evaluate current research studies for appropriateness of problem statement, sampling design, methodology, data analysis procedure, interpretation of findings, and ethical issues. This goes beyond speaking a different language, or just acknowledging a different group's cultural icons. Retrieved August 7, 2016, from UCLA Law Review: ground for healthcare organizations has and continues to change; so does the relationship of health care entities to their method of access and availability, degree of consumer choice, competition, financing, effect on advanced practice nurses and other health professionals. The thoughts were provoked and the discussions candidly professional. She is comfortable having healthcare professionals take care…… Program Outcome #4: Evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of strategies developed to meet healthcare needs (MSN Essentials) Evaluating the design,…… Starbucks first opened its doors almost half a century ago, 43 years to be precise. Patient safety: a call to action: a consensus statement from the National Quality Forum. Typically, individuals of Muslim and Jewish religious traditions (and others) avoid any incidental or polite physical contact between members of the opposite gender, even though such gestures (like handshaking) might be completely appropriate under ordinary circumstances (Moran, Harris, & Moran, 2007). A lot of various communication methods are executed and have diverse focuses.

    cultural competence essay cultural competence essay

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