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  • Essay on ethanol fuel

    essay on ethanol fuel

    Against this background, the NSW Government has consistently refer to the greenhouse benefits of ethanol as one of the reasons for its decision to require that 10% of all fuel sold is to be ethanol (E10) by 2011.Find information about ethanol blends, specifications, production and distribution, feedstocks, and related links.Given the expense of converting this mix of dirt and heavy oils to more usable petroleum products, the province is not keen on alternative fuels.Other people worry that, if we vastly increase the amount of acreage given to growing crops for biofuels production, we will cause a food shortage. Learn about the “fuel versus food” debate, examine scenarios showing impacts and factors considered by scientists trying to unravel this complex question.The industry says Wallace is wrong on every count and offers a point-by-point rebuttal.The purpose of the Sustainable Blacksburg website is to advance and promote our LOCAL SUSTAINABILITY, with major emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Economic aspects.Even before that, in 1897, Rudolph Diesel demonstrated that his engine could run on peanut oil.Ethanol fuel is better for the environment than petroleum in a number of ways.Therefore I am predicting that “pentanol” will give out more energy as “methanol” because it has more carbon molecules.Proponents of ethanol use have claimed that it is much sustainable economically because it is produced by the use of organic materials which have a renewable nature.
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    essay on ethanol fuel

    While ethanol offers some advantages over fossil fuels, however, it still has a number of disadvantages that scientists need to overcome before it can become a true replacement for oil.ABSTRACT Renewable energy is now capturing a good share of the worldwide headlines because of concerns about declining supplies of fossil fuels, escalating population and industrialization triggering ever-increasing demand of fuels. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2006;16-508. "Waste as a feedstock [for biofuels] has a number of advantages," says Enerkem's co-founder and chief technology officer Esteban Chornet, a former engineer at the U. In fact, the 468 million metric tons of trash produced in North America each year could provide 47 billion liters of ethanol—or roughly the same amount as produced from corn, which presently supplies 10 percent of U. Other companies, such as Wheelabrator, simply fortify the gas and burn it directly to produce electricity—although that can result in the emissions of toxic chemicals, such as dioxins—or employ additional complex chemical steps.The major political parties have a clear policy position on this initiative at either State or Federal level.This is done in a reasonable economic and environmentally friendly manner to face many global challenges related to the rising consumption of global resources.The thresholds of “hyperauthorship” have reached new heights in recent years, driven in particular by one international undertaking in high-energy physics.It may also be used to generate electricity, which is then used for heating, lighting, or other purpose. Although renewable energy is used mostly to generate electricity, it is often assumed that some form of renewable energy or a percentage is used to create alternative fuels.Brazil and The United States account for about 90 per cent of all ethanol production, although in the last few year the United States production of ethanol has grown to about 4.6 billion gallons per year and are now widely consider the world's largest producer of ethanol.Ethanol production uses plant matter to create a biofuel suitable for combustion engines, usually mixed with 85 percent to 90 percent gasoline.Today, following an eight-decade detour in the petroleum age, biofuels are back – fueled by a powerful combination of advancing technologies, rising environmental concerns, farmer support, and soaring oil prices.

    essay on ethanol fuel

    Some well-known alternative fuels include biodiesel, bioalcohol (methanol, ethanol, butanol), refuse-derived fuel, chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), hydrogen, non-fossil methane, non-fossil natural gas, vegetable oil, propane and other biomass sources.Nevertheless, in 2012 Edmonton will host a chemical plant owned by Enerkem that will turn garbage into 36 million liters of ethanol and methanol per year. "It is logistically available and it is low in value, if not negative in value." Turning garbage into fuel is potentially an answer to two pressing problems—diminishing the world's dependence on fossil fuels and an alternative to burying trash in landfills. Enerkem takes the "fluff" of municipal solid waste—the plastics, textiles and wood that isn't recycled or the leftovers of agriculture or forestry—gasifies it and, using catalysts and water, transforms the gas via multiple chemical steps into ethanol or other products.Biofuels can be derived directly from plants, or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and/or industrial wastes.Since these reports are public domain I make them available to you in total along with this essay.The use of ethanol could decrease our dependence on ever depleting supplies of fossil fuels; such as oil.This means that instead of going to landfills, trash could be turned into energy!One of the main issues is the amount of farm land required to produce enough ethanol to significantly offset the amount of fossil fuel currently consumed.

    essay on ethanol fuel essay on ethanol fuel

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