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    good samaritan law essay

    Luke is the story of “The Good Samaritan” or “The Good Neighbor”.In Canada , specifically in Quebec , the Good Samaritan Laws places a restricted practice to the job of aiding .Said duties can arise from: i) contract like in R v Pittwood; ii) out of relationship such as parent-child being pictured in Gibbins and Proctor ; spouse to spouse; iii) creation of dangerous situation iv) or the one arising from assumption of care for someone unable to care for himself, such as in R v Instan, where Lord Coleridge said that “It would not be correct to say that every moral obligation involves a legal duty, but every legal duty is founded on a moral obligation”.The most they would have to do after that is testify in a court of law or talk with an officer.Some Good Samaritan laws apply to entities or organizations that assist in an emergency response.I've heard I could lose my nursing license; I could be sued or even charged with a crime just for trying to do the right thing.Name Instructor ‘s name Course Date RESEARCH ON THE VARIOUS ASPECTS OF GOOD SAMARITAN LAWS The focal point of this is based on the various aspects in relation to the existence and implementation of the Good Samaritan Laws The looks into the different propositions related to the in perspective of the nursing profession .And sadly, many people, in health care and not, say don't stop.Individuals feel the need to sue for reasons that range from the reasonable to the outrageous.The specific laws of course are also affected by previous civil cases related to Good Samaritans.That’s not exactly how things went down that night. When questioned on the matter they said, “I didn’t want to get caught up in anything.” What ever happened to being a good Samaritan? For those that are, the criminal can be caught easily if someone would just stand up for them or contact police.
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    • Good Samaritan laws are designed to help protect people who are willing to go out of their way to help others. Unfortunately, the highly litigious nature of some.
    • A human life could have been saved. If enforced, The Good Samaritan Law would get people to step in, and if possible save lives. Many times the reason we don't get.
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    good samaritan law essay

    D." in rabbinical studies, stood up to ask a question. Identify possible consequences for acting outside the scope of training with respect to EMS professionals.While morally questionable, should the failure of the onlookers to be Good Samaritans and attempt to render assistance if possible--at the very least to pick up the phone and call 911--be declared a criminal offense?Also, liability for omissions entails the possibility of numerous liabilities wherever there is no particular reason for attributing responsibility to one rather than another person.I do not grade the form of the reference, MLA, APA, etc., does not matter to me.The topic would include a history of the law , rather the reason behind how and why it was conceptualized .This law offers immunity from liability for a person if they choose to assist another in an emergency.This is because they are protected by the "Good Samaritan Law", it is a law that prevents a rescuer who has voluntarily helped a victim in distress from being successfully sued for 'wrongdoing'.The parable is the way of Jesus telling us to have compassion to all people who surrounds us.It is important for a profession nurse to be completely aware of the Good Samaritan Laws for smooth operative measures of the profession .

    good samaritan law essay

    Then we would incorporate a couple of research findings to enumerate the future of these laws within the parameter of the profession of nursing .Since the person himself is not intruding upon anyone’s rights, it is that person’s prerogative to not act, no matter how morally objectionable this act may be.A person witnessing such things should not be held responsible for the crime but should pay a penalty.As with many laws, though, it has both pros and cons.Next we would discuss the essential reasons of the relation between the Good Samaritan Laws and its implementation and importance to the nursing profession .Chapter 493 Section 8.01-225 of the Code of Virginia states that an individual who provides medical attention to a woman in the action of labor is protected from any negative repercussions of the law within reason as long as said person (or any person associated with said person) has not previously given medical care to the woman in labor (VIRGINIA "GOOD SAMARITAN" LAW”, 2000).Lack of recent changes in law is not enough to assume, that its protection is good enough as it is.

    good samaritan law essay good samaritan law essay

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