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  • I want to visit egypt essay

    i want to visit egypt essay

    And this valley would itself be an inhabitable desert, but for the River Nile which, rising in the Abyssinian mountains in the south, runs through it for hundreds of miles till it spreads out into the many streams which forms the famous Delta (so called because the land watered by these mouths of the Nile is the shape of the Greek letter Delta a triangle), and empties itself into the Mediterranean Sea.When choosing a place for your vacation, you need to put a few things in mind; a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and experiment new things you wouldn’t normally come across in your own country.Through this project work my knowledge will increase about this country, and the subjects I will bring up will be: * Geography & Climate * History and Language * Politics & Money * Population & Famous People * Interesting places to visit * Traditions Basis facts Official name: Reino de Espana – Kingdom of Spain Area: 504,030 km2 Capital: Madrid Population: 46 million estimated Government: monarchy, unitary state Head of State: King Juan Carlos Prime minister: Mariano Rajoy Official language Spanish Quick fact Spain is a constitutional monarchy and is officially called the Kingdom of Spain.So, if I had the opportunity to visit a foreign country I would visit Egypt.In 1976, tourism was a focal point of the Five Year Plan of the Government, where 12% of the budget was allocated to upgrading state-owned hotels, establishing a loan fund for private hotels, and upgrading infrastructure (including road, rail and air connectivity) for major tourist centres along the coastal areas.Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots.The country is located in the Liberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. There are high mountains such as the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees, the highest point in Spain’s Teide on Tenerife and is 3,718 meters above sea level.I think it is a great and very interesting country with marvellous history.Introduction Every single research has a purpose which should be outlined by a proposal.Moreover, I would like to have a picnic while sightseeing the cherry blossom.There is a high plain in the middle of the country with almost no trees, poor soils and a harsh climate.
    • If You Want To Help Visit Egypt Tourism Essay; which are very precious to visit and grab the attention of the tourists to. The cities I want to visit is.
    • There are the Seven, and other, Wonders of the Earth and I like to visit them. After hearing about the marvels of The Pyramids Of Egypt, The Great Wall.
    • One of the dreams of my life has been to see Egypt, the land of romance and mystery, and of the most ancient. A Place I Want to Visit Most Essay
    • Interesting places to visit – Traditions. Musically influence shows that they come from many sources, such as India, Morocco, Egypt, Greece and several.

    i want to visit egypt essay

    But the destination offers more than just the wonders of antiquity.Research Background ‘Tourism is a major force in the economy of the world, an activity of global importance and significance.’ (Cooper et al, 2008, p.3) Because it is a broad and complex activity, a sophisticated management is required in order to realise its full potential, as well as its sustainable economic, environmental, social and cultural force.As I have always wanted to go to Cairo and see ancient Egypt, I thought that this was a brilliant idea and a fabulous gift from my Dad and I readily agreed to the trip.The name Spain comes from the Roman name for Hispania. Country Geography Spain is one of the countries that contain mostly mountains in Europe.And if you ask us, the characteristics of a countries’ nation is always a plus to make your vacation unforgettable. Sightseeing : If we start to point out the beautiful places and monuments you can visit in Egypt, it’ll be such a long list.Nick was a math and English teacher before he fell into leading tours after visiting Egypt with his family in 2006.Beauty is of course is subjective but Egypt isn’t short on places that could be considered very beautiful.Tourism as an important sector of the economy picked up pace from 1975 onwards, as Egypt eases visa restrictions for almost all European and North American countries and established embassies in new countries like Austria, Netherlands, Denmark and Finland.Egypt is a spectacularly beautiful country filled with cultural gems.Egypt became a great civilization due to many things, but there were three that seem to stand out above the rest. "Southwest of Cairo near the town of Al-Faiyum, a large depression called the Faiyum Depression, covering about 700-sq. in area, was left when Lake Moeris evaporated." Today Lake Birket Qarun, a shallow lake, occupies part of the depression, 150 ft below sea level.

    i want to visit egypt essay

    A visit to Egypt will surely leave you appreciating a few new things: a calming glass of afternoon tea in the older districts of the city; the art of bargaining with the local sellers at the famous Khan Al Khalili marketplace; and the constant vibe of optimism and friendliness shared by Egyptians as they go on about with their daily lives.Egypt is one of the most fascinating destinations on the world tourist map.Try, as much as possible, to visit as many of the places that your trip will allow!To possibly help in boosting tourism, I decided to write a post recommending four reasons why you should visit Egypt!I would like to eat as much Japanese food as possible.The country that I would like to visit is Switzerland. I marvel at the sheer beauty of the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland that I see in postcards and magazines.Indeed, visitors making the journey here will find as much ancient history as they will modern hospitality.

    i want to visit egypt essay i want to visit egypt essay

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