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    sir william moray of bothwell

    Historic Scotland said Mulroy, near Roybridge, was known as the last clan battle.Freskin was granted lands in West Lothian and Moray, and to consolidate his position, he and his sons married into the ancient Royal House of Moray.Andrew Moray, also known as Andrew de Moray, Andrew of Moray, or Andrew Murray, was a prominent military leader of patriotic forces during the Scottish Wars of Independence.The de Kers of Kersland settled in Ayrshire in the 12th century, during the reign of David I, are at the root of the Roxburghshire Kers including both Cessford and Ferniehirst.Construction of the castle was begun in the 13th century by the ancestors of Clan Murray, to guard a strategic crossing point of the Clyde.Daughter of Baron William de Moray, of Bothwell, canon of Moray and N. He subsequently merged his forces with those led by William Wallace and jointly led the combined army to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.It has been suggested that the whole war might have taken a different course if Moray had survived the battle at Stirling Bridge as he had shown significant skill in pitched battle, which Wallace lacked.He joined the brave sir William Wallace upon his first taking up arms in defence of the liberties of Scotland, and had no small share in the glory acquired by handfuls of Scots against conside∣rable bodies of the English under the conduct of the glorious Wallace.The following year he attended the Scottish Parliament at Ayr when the succession to the throne was decided.In 1290, his name appears amongst the signatures of a great portion of the Scottish nobles, affixed to a letter to Edward I.
    • Early years. Andrew Murray was born in the spring of 1298, around Pentecost. He was the son of Andrew Moray, William Wallace's companion-in-arms, who died following.
    • Citation text William de Moray, of Bothwell, canon of Moray Gender Male Birth 1195 - Bothwell Castle, Lanarkshire now South Lanarkshire, Scotland
    • Uncle Sir William Moray of Bothwell, d.c.1300 Uncle David Moray, bishop of Moray, d.1326. Sir Andrew Moray, the head of the Petty branch of the family.
    • Bothwell Castle, construction of which was begun by Sir William Moray. While the Scots suffered English occupation, Andrew Moray continued to endure imprisonment but.

    sir william moray of bothwell

    Lanarkshire & Glasgow area: About 3 miles north and west of Hamilton, on minor roads west of the B7071, east bank of River Clyde, 0.5 miles south of Uddingston, at Bothwell Castle. abt 1260 (daughter of Robert II (Earl of Annandale) de Brus and Isabel de Clare). bf 1334 in Doune Castle, Stirlingshire, Scotland (daughter of John (Sir, 9th earl Menteith) Graham and Mary (Countess of Menteith) Stewart), d. The lordship of Bothwell passed to the Douglases in 1360 when the fifth Murray Lord of Bothwell died of plague and his wife, Joan (herself daughter to Maurice de Moravia, Earl of Strathearn), took Archibald the Grim, Lord of Galloway and later Earl of Douglas, as her second husband.Marriages – In 1559/1560 Bothwell visited Denmark on the way to France and met Anna Throndsen (Anne Thorssen). Gathered round the foot of the flagpole, a crowd of patriots, some in period dress, celebrate Andrew's life and sacrifice. Few documents and histories from that time exist and are often virtually inaccessible in University libraries and museums to the casual historian.Murray acceded his father to the lordship of Petty and his uncle, Sir William Murray, to the lordship of Bothwell in Lanarkshire.The first of the Scottish family of Fraser appeared in the Borders during the 12th century.However, TSP (Sutherland) reports that he was "a person of unknown descent, but who is believed to be of Flemish origin, upon whom King Davd I., in pursuance, it is said, of a colonising policy, bestowed wide landed possessions."BP1934 (Sutherland) identifies this Alexander as a legitimate son of Earl John by his second marriage and reports that he resigned his rights to the earldom in July 1509.The date and place of his birth, and whether he had any siblings, are unknown.Son of Baron William de Moray, of Bothwell, canon of Moray and N. Mac Duff Husband of Euphemia Comyn Father of Sir William de Moray of Drumsargard and Sir Andrew Murray Brother of Margaret Moray of Bothwell Eleanor Balliol.

    sir william moray of bothwell

    Bothwell Castle is a large medieval castle sited on a high, steep bank, above a bend in the River Clyde, in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.The courtyard is enclosed by a strong thick curtain wall, in some places rising to 60 foot high, defended by towers.The first group of seven earldoms, Angus, Atholl, Caithness, Fife, Mar, Moray and Strathearn, corresponds to the seven provinces into which Scotland north of the Firths of Forth and Clyde was divided in the 9th century, reputedly ruled by seven brothers.In the 1280s he married his second wife - Andrew's stepmother - Euphemia Comyn, Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland, ed. Bain, vol.2, no.307, p.84 the sister of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, nephew of King John Balliol and one of the most politically influential men in Scotland.With William Wallace he jointly led the revolt that culminated in the Scottish victory over the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, and he was the father of Sir Andrew Murray, who served as Guardian of Scotland for periods in the 1330s.There is another charter, by king, Willi∣am, of a donation of the church of Forres and Dyke, whose only son, Fris∣kinus de Moravia, died without male-issue, whereby the line of the family was carried on by William's second son, III.Should you have information that conflicts with anything shown please make us aware by email.

    sir william moray of bothwell sir william moray of bothwell

    Andrew Murray Scottish soldier - Wikipedia

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