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    why was stalin a bad leader essay

    He gained the nickname “Uncle Joe” which was an attempt to develop an image of a kind, homely man who was the ‘father’ of all Russians. Those who wrote poems and novels had to do the same write about Stalin in a manner which gloried him.But while the German broadcaster ZDF has said that Adolf Hitler and all other Nazi leaders will be barred from running in the "Our Best" series due to start soon, the Russian version includes Stalin and several other Bolsheviks involved in the Great Terror in its long list. Millions of others who avoided execution were sent to remote slave labour camps, known as gulags, where starvation and exhaustion were never far away.Marksizm was a long shot of a way to create a fair and equal society but his much more aggressive form of communism lead to the starvation of millions and his over all effect on not just China but the world left over 70 million people dead.Stalin was a leader of the Soviet Union until 1953.That "secret speech" of condemnation spread across the Soviet Union and throughout all its Eastern European vassals until its collapse. Only the Chinese Communist Party continues to praise his rule and extol his accomplishments.It is easy to believe that Hitler was the worst leader in the world because of the mainstream media exposure around the world.This leader forced a ruthless policy on his people that increased his control, but damaged his country.Born into poverty, Stalin became involved in revolutionary politics, as well as criminal activities, as a young man.This consensual analysis was impossible to substantiate, but it had a wide following among historians and political scientists despite the several bricks pulled out of the wall since the late 1970s, when many long-standing features of conventional historiography came under attack.Indeed, he often seemed more symbol than substance–a mere face on a poster, an intangible foe unreachable by modern means of warfare, an almost mythical personification of the Communist enemy.By putting himself forward as their spokesman he transformed the Soviet Union into a state whose nature was at odds with the one that Lenin and Trotsky had in mind in the years after the October 1917 Revolution.
    • Joesph Stalin, A Good or Bad Leader? Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report Joseph Stalin was a leader, which meant his people trusted him with their welfare; however.
    • Norman Pereira’s essay on Stalin’s rise to. Stalin "Bad But Brilliant" By. introduced the idea that Stalin was no mere administrator but a talented leader.
    • Good Essays Why Stalin, and not. Strong Essays Joseph Stalin, The Leader of USSR from. both good and bad. While Stalin administered great changes.

    why was stalin a bad leader essay

    Lenin was also a fantastic speaker, he could sway his audiences and gain supporters very quickly when giving a speech.While Jones' tyranny can be somewhat excused due to the fact that he is a dull-witted drunkard, Napoleon's can only be ascribed to his blatant lust for power.It was not unusual for Stalin to be in a white suit so that he stood out from the crowd.For more than 50 years, most of which he spent away from Southeast Asia, Ho worked single-mindedly to realize the end of French colonialism and the erection of a Vietnamese national state.He may have been bad for humanity, but the German people viewed him as a hero.But, in 1965, historian Gar Alperovitz argued that, although the bombs did force an immediate end to the war, Japan’s leaders had wanted to surrender anyway and likely would have done so before the American invasion planned for Nov. In the 48 years since, many others have joined the fray: some echoing Alperovitz and denouncing the bombings, others rejoining hotly that the bombings were moral, necessary, and life-saving.They both had a great impact on the world’s history.This is why he should be known as the worst leader in human history People fail to see that while Mao, Hitler, and Stalin were all evil, Mao was the worst.I believe that Lenin was indeed a good leader because of the way he controlled his people and ran the country.While communism was not a good idea in the long run because it was executed properly and you know a horrible idea, the concept is effective and very persuasive.

    why was stalin a bad leader essay

    Lastly, Stalin launched a reign of terror know as The Great Purge, that increased his power but did no benefit to his people.The orthodox view is that, yes, of course, it worked. Timing The first problem with the traditional interpretation is timing. The traditional interpretation has a simple timeline: The U. Army Air Force bombs Hiroshima with a nuclear weapon on Aug.Conversely, others view him as a spokesman for a failed ideology and as a ruthless executioner.But Ho Chi Minh was the very real driving force without which the unified Vietnamese state would never have been achieved.He writes so admirably that one enjoys his book even when its conclusions are questionable.This achievement it has been argued hangs so heavily in the balance that we must acknowledge him as a great leader.He doesn't have to be clever; you can hire clever.

    why was stalin a bad leader essay why was stalin a bad leader essay

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